Best Bet short-term career training programs for Vermonters in 2021

We've identified seven short-term career training programs that each lead to a recognized credential and a great shot at a good-paying job within 18 months.  
These short-term career training programs will be more affordable and accessible to Vermonters in 2021 thanks to funding from the VT Covid-19 Response Fund at the Vermont Community Foundation. Contact CCV (802-262-6557) and Vermont Tech (800-965-8790) directly to learn about tuition reductions available for these programs. Additional scholarships are available from The Curtis Fund, which is administered by the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC). To learn more about VSAC-connected scholarships, call 877-961-4369 to connect with an education outreach counselor.
Read about the programs below or click here to download a PDF. Each program name links to more information about the program.